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This 3D Model Library contains everything you need to start designing your off-grid dream home or structure in a variety of 3D modeling programs. Within this file you will find models you wont find anywhere else including rammed earth tires, tire bales, earthbags, strawbales, biodigestors and more! All items are organized in layers and labeled for convenience.


3D Model Sections include...
Material Hatches, Steel, Wood, Pallets, Tires and Tire Bales, Strawbale, Earthbag, Masonry, Windows, Bottle Wall, Can Wall, Chicken Wire/Lath, Insulation, Roofing materials including Corrugated Metal and Polycarbonate, PVC, Electrical Components, Fasteners, Straps, Brackets, Hangers etc, Water Cisterns, Solar Panels and Wind Turbines, Biodigestors, Misc. Appliances and Objects, Kitchen Models, Bathroom Models, Fireplace Models, Furniture Models, Garage Door, Stairs, Shipping Containers, Geodesic Dome, Vehicle, Human


Unzipped file Size is about 1GB.


The .zip file contains...

- Rhino Model (.3dm)

- SketchUp Model (.skp)

- 3D Object Model (.obj)


DISCLAIMER: this 3D Model library was created using Rhino 6. Not all 3D modeling programs will be compatible with the layer data when imported. Complex models were made into Blocks to reduce file size, simply use the Explode command on the selected Block if it needs to be separated.


Off-Grid 3D Model Library

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