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What are TEMPLEBLOX? These unique building components are designed to replace industry standards like Concrete Masonry Units (Cinder Blocks). Strong, durable, modular and made partially from waste, TEMPLEBLOX are designed based off of certain parameters that allows a building to 'musically implode'. Certain Blocks are designed to act as individual capacitors that combine together to form a Biological Machine capable of transferring and storing electricity for use. TEMPLEBLOX are modular interlocking building blocks that can create a new residential or commercial structure without the need for multiple layers of sheathing or insulation and can  even be retrofitted with existing construction and high-rise facades. See how Reviro Designs can improve your next project today!


Strong - average 8,000psi each - exceeds industry standards for compressive strength - seismic resistant materials

Modular - easy to configure and integrate with any project - multiple shapes and styles - prefinished or unfinished

Resistant - Pest, bug and mold resistant - Non-Combustible materials, 100% fireproof - Resistant To Winds 200 Mph+

Carbon Neutral - made from mostly garbage and natural products - low impact, local manufacturing process

Beautiful - blocks are designed based off of vernacular Architectural elements of existing Temples around the world


Garblox Sustainable, green, eco building material for commercial and residential projects
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