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Our MISSION STATEMENT is simple: NexGenGreen combines natural materials, the garbage of human civilization, and the physics of nature to create high quality, high performance, affordable off and on grid housing, unique art, furniture and more. We are designing, building, educating, experimenting and funding our vision of a better world for all of humanity in an effort to redesign the environments in which we live, work and play.


NexGenGreen was formed at the beginning of 2017 by creator Matthew Maltz, 6 months after his return from Taos, New Mexico where he studied and built radically sustainable homes in the Earthship community. Being inspired by the people and ideas of Earthship Biotecture, and disappointed by the lack of alternative design in his Architecture education, Matthew set out to create his own unique company. NexGenGreen is a direct response to the construction industry, which in our view is wasteful, disconnected from nature, heavily resource-dependant, and underutilizes alternative designs and materials that could be saving energy, water and money. 


- Encourage and empower self-sufficent individuals, communitites and cities

- Incorporate as much recycled and/or natural materials in our projects as possible

- Design and build affordable, whole-system solutions for housing and food production all around the world

- Reduce or negate the operating costs of commercial and residential structures

- Improve the health and wellbeing of occupants in our structures 

- Fund, research and develop alternative building materials for residential and commercial use

- Collect data that will be used to update building codes/BIM software and help normalize a growing global industry

- Integrate Passive, Regenerative, Biological Architecture and Utilitarian design into our building practices

- Collaborate with builders, engineers, investors, governments and organizations

- Collaborate with existing companies producing revolutionary building products and technology

Who We Are
Meet the Team Anchor


Founder and CEO of the company Reviro Designs

New Jersey Institute of Technology: 2017



BS, Architecture

BS, Engineering Technology


Environment & Sustainability Studies

Business Management

Matthew Maltz
Founder, CEO

FAQ Anchor


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