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This AutoCAD Template contains everything you need to start making production level construction documents for personal or client projects. Crafted with precision and efficiency in mind, this comprehensive AutoCAD Template is your ultimate solution for streamlined construction documentation.  Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring designer, this template equips you with the essential tools to elevate your drafting game and can easily be customized for you or your comapany's own individual style. From standardized layouts to annotative text, dimensions and drawing symbols, every element is thoughtfully curated to enhance your workflow and ensure consistency across all your projects. Say goodbye to tedious setups and hello to seamless productivity – spend less time clicking and more time designing! 


The AutoCAD Template contains...
- Drawing Symbols (Annotative)
- Drawing Text (Annotative)
- Drawing Dimensions (Annotative)
- Drawing Hatches
- Solar Path Diagram
- Schedules/Legends
- Blocks (Static/Dynamic)
- Site Plan Example and Legend
- Building Code Resources
- General Information and Preset Layouts
- Preset Layers
- Extra Architectural Notes
- Plotting Size References


Total unzipped file size is about 12,700 KB. 


The .zip file contains...

- STANDARD AutoCAD Template
- STANDARD Title Block
- STANDARD Plot Styles 
  1'-0" = 1'-0" 
  3/4" = 1'-0"
  1/4" = 1'-0"
  1/8" = 1'-0"
  1/16" = 1'-0" 

AutoCAD Template

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